About Me

Spencer Padway

Business and Marketing Growth Enthusiast

Prior to becoming a marketing consultant, Spencer Padway was the VP of Performance Marketing and Analytics at Sellpoints, an Inc 1000 fastest growing company. He is known for his work growing brands and retailers through his digital marketing efforts. Spencer specializes in providing strategy and execution to grow brand awareness and sales.

He began this journey in 2010 when he founded Brandfish, which was acquired by Sellpoints. He believes in helping others and enjoys sharing his knowledge of business and marketing with those who are interested.

Don’t hesitate to contact him on the contact page or on twitter.

“Spencer is one of those rare breeds that is not only a strong leader, but also a tremendous individual contributor. His industry and detailed knowledge of the Paid Search, SEO and CRO markets are incredibly vast and I would welcome the chance to work with him again in the future.”

Scott Sorochak, General Partner, Blarney Ventures

My Journey

When I was growing up in the bay area my dream from an early age was to own my own business. I came from a long line of entrepreneurs, most recently, my grandparents owned an insurance staffing agency and my father a law firm. Even in elementary school I was selling candy in school and learning about the stock market.

I came up with idea after idea. I tried many but few succeeded. I started Broken Bat Baseball in college, but we ran out of money before the product was ready. After I started Legal Motion, a graphics company for lawyers, but I found that working in the intersection of designers and lawyers did not make for an enjoyable job. My father introduced me to SEO and I was off to the races. This was something I could do. It was doing battle against Google, competing against others like I had done so many times in sports and applying strategy like in my favorite video games. After freelancing and getting great responses from my first clients, I started Brandfish Online Marketing.

Brandfish grew quickly over the next three years and was acquired by Sellpoints. A company whose large network gave me exposure to much of the IR 500 as well as countless top name brands like Roku, Pur, Brother and many more. Armed with the knowledge of building companies, the inner workings of agencies, and successful digital marketing, I’m now on a mission mission to share what I know and help people (you?) reach the successes they desire.

Do you want actionable tips do start growing your business now?

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